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ARIADNEplus D13.3 - Software release final activity report

Assante M., Cirillo R., Frosini L., Millet P., Pagano P., Candela L., Dell'Amico A., Lelii L., Mangiacrapa F., Panichi G.

Software  gCube  Virtual research environment 

This deliverable D13.3 - "Software Release Final Activity Report - JRA2" documents the software packages produced by the project to implement the functionalities of the ARIADNEplus infrastructure, accessible from https://ariadne.d4science.org. These open- source software releases followed the procedures described in D13.1 Software Release Procedures and Tools - JRA2 governing the release of software, methods, and tools for the ARIADNEplus infrastructure. D13.3 reports on (i) the ARIADNE VRE software releases, where a total of 29 different release cycles were performed during the project period. Each release contained EUPL licensed software, whose source is accessible on the Code Versioning System (CVS) platform publicly available online at https://code-repo.d4science.org/gCubeCI/gCubeReleases, and reports on (ii) the ARIADNE Portal software releases whose source is accessible on the Code Versioning System (CVS) platform publicly available online https://github.com/ARIADNE- Infrastructure/portal. These activities have been carried out in the context of Task 13.4 Software integration and release (JRA2.4) as part of Work Package 13 (WP13). This task managed the process of software maintenance, enhancement, and provisioning in JRA work packages. Thus, it i) defines the release and provisioning procedures; ii) establishes the release plan; iii) coordinates the release process; iv) operates the tools required to support the release and provisioning activities; v) validates the software documentation; vi) takes care of the distribution of the software and its provisioning. This task benefits from the practices established and experience gained within the D4Science infrastructure.

Source: ISTI Project report, ARIADNEplus, D13.3, 2022

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