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Nestore - D3.2.2 - Environmental Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) prototypes

Palumbo F., Baronti P., Miori V., Potortì F., Crivello A., Girolami M., Furfari F., Denna E., Civiello M., Mauri M.

Sensors  Web of Things  Bluetooth Low Energy  Ballistocardiography  Smart Scale. 

This document extends the deliverable D3.2.1 - Environmental Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) prototypes describing: i) the outcomes of the final iteration of the sensors selection for developing the environmental monitoring system of NESTORE; ii) the integrated system tests on the selected sensors. The selection followed the recommendations coming from the WP2 activities in terms of needed monitoring variables and unobtrusiveness. The document also presents the chosen technologies and their integration in the system using available off-the-shelf and custom devices by means of the Web of Things paradigm.

Source: Project report, Nestore, Deliverable D3.2.2, 2019

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