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A new measure on intuitionistic fuzzy set using Hausdorff metric and its application to edge detection

Tamalika C., Swades D., Salvetti O.

Intuitionistic fuzzy set  Divergence  Hausdorff metric  Edge detection 

Intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) proposed by Attanassov has gained much importance to the researchers for its application in various fields such as pattern recognition. It takes into account the membership, non-membership function also another term hesitation degree. Hesitation degree is the lack of knowledge in assigning the membership function. In particular, the similarity measure between IFSs has increased its interest and several algorithms have been developed. In this paper a new method for measuring the distance between two intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on Hausdorff metric is proposed. The distance measure is the intuitionistic fuzzy divergence using Hausdorff metric. Our proposed method has been applied in image processing in detecting the edges of different kinds of practical images, demonstrating to be a tool for processing monochrome images.

Source: International journal of fuzzy mathematics and systems 15 (2007): 1–16.

Publisher: Research India Publication, Delhi , India

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