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BlueBRIDGE - D9.1 BlueBRIDGE VRE Commons Facilities

Assante M., Candela L., Cirillo R., Coro G., Koltsida P., Marioli V., Perciante C., Sinibaldi F.

gCube system  Enabling services  VREs  Data infrastructures 

Deliverable D9.1 - "BlueBRIDGE VRE Commons Facilities" reports the release of the BlueBRIDGE facilities for Data Access, Data Discovery, Data Storage, Data Analytics and Data Publishing. Those facilities are implemented through web services, libraries, and mediators over technologies that are offered as services operated and made accessible through VREs This deliverable is of type "Other" and consists of a set of wiki pages hosted by the BlueBRIDGE project wiki [1] plus a set of documentation pages for single facilities hosted by the gCube wiki [2].

Source: Project report, BlueBRIDGE, Deliverable D9.1, 2016

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