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Emerging Software Testing Technologies

Lonetti F., Marchetti E.

Software testing  Testing objectives  Testing techniques and tools  Emerging application domains  Software process  Testing needs and trends  Testing challenges 

Software testing encompasses a variety of activities along the software development process and may consume a large part of the effort required for producing software. It represents a key aspect to assess the adequate functional and nonfunctional software behavior aiming to prevent and remedy malfunctions. The increasing complexity and heterogeneity of software poses many challenges to the development of testing strategies and tools. In this chapter, we provide a comprehensive overview of emerging software testing technologies. Beyond the basic concepts of software testing, we address prominent test case generation approaches and focus on more relevant challenges of testing activity as well as its role in recent development processes. An emphasis is also given to testing solutions tailored to the specific needs of emerging application domains.

Source: Advances in Computers,, pp. 91–143. New York: Elsevier, 2018

Publisher: Elsevier, New York, USA

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