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AI4media D8.2 - Initial use case demonstrators and applications

Tzoannos S., Tsabouraki D., Konios D., Varsou E., Gray B., Dimitrov A., Dimitrov E., Kostadinov G., Gravina D., Melhart D., Henriksen L., Holmgård C., Kompatsiaris I., Papadopoulos S., Cuccovillo L., Van Kemenade P., Bocyte R., Amato G., Vadicamo L., Bolettieri P., Negro F., Montagnuolo M., Messina A., Bruccoleri A., Mignot R., Bauwens R., Overmeire L., Matton M., Garcia A.

Deliverable  AI4Media  Use case  VISIONE  AI 

This report - accompanying the first release of the AI4Media's WP8 demonstrators - is the first one in a series of three releases. The aim of the report is to provide the reader with information about the seven AI4Media use cases, focusing on the operational environment of each use case, the features and epics covered in the first release, and the technical and non-technical activities that took place leading to the first release of the demonstrators.

Source: ISTI Project Report, AI4Media, D8.2, 2022

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