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OpeanAIRE - Catch-All Notification BrokerBack-end: specification and release plan

Atzori C., Baglioni M., Bardi A., Manghi P.

Open Science  Broker  Router  Notification  Subscription 

The aim of this deliverable is to present the functional requirements, a specification of the software,and a release plan for the deployment of the OpenAIRE-connect Catch-All Notification Broker Service ( CAB Service ). The CAB Service will connect all types of research artefacts providers(institutional repositories,publishers, data, repositories,and CRIS systems) and allow them to subscribe and be notified by OpenAIRE of events interesting to them. These notifications will comprise: 1) the existence of artefacts of interest to the providers (which may pertain their collection) 2)the existence of links from artefacts in their collection to other artefacts. The CAB Service will extend OpenAIRE's notification brokering services, which serves literature repositories, and will broaden the content provider base with the ones that serve specific research communities. Content provider managers will be allowed to register as consumers of the service, set and test the service (preview the results of the service over some subscriptions), to commit their subscriptions, and finally to manage their history of notifications overtime. The broker service will be tested in two bata releases and changed and/or updated following the requirements obtained from the betas. The deliverable is published as a wiki and is available at https://support.d4science.org/projects/openaire-connect-wiki/wiki/D5_1.

Source: Project report, OpenAIRE, Deliverable D5.1, 2017

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