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SoBigData - Data management report

Grossi V., Romano V., Trasarti R.

Sobigdata  Database Applications 

This deliverable describes a web content that provides an ongoing and up to date wiki containing the description of the datasets available in the consortium. The description includes statistics, metadata, sharing policies and archiving technologies as well as the preservation provisions and lifespan. For doing that a set of relevant metadata has been defined in order to provide an homogeneous view of the datasets. The defined set of metadata will be useful also for making the datasets available into the RI. In this perspective, this deliverable represents a first definition of the metadata for describing a dataset that will be available into the RI. Furthermore, this document presents the web form to insert a description of a new dataset, and the wiki page containing the list of the datasets available among the partners,. The proposed wiki page shows a set of relevant information, such as the name of dataset, the accessibility policy, the reference partner. Finally, this document provides a first census of the datasets available in the consortium.

Source: Project report, SoBigData, Deliverable D8.1, 2015

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