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A general automatic method for the analysis of NREM sleep microstructure

Barcaro U., Bonanni E., Maestri M., Murri L., Parrino L., Terzano M. G.

Cyclic alternating pattern  EEG processing  Automatic EEG analysis  Sleep  arousals  automatic EEG analysis  sleep microstructure  cyclic alternating pattern  Sleep microstructure  Arousals 

The NREM sleep EEG of 10 normal subjects was examined in order to recognize formal phasic events of sleep microstructure. The event identification was carried out following a three-step procedure: (1) computation of band-related descriptors derived from the EEG signal, (2) introduction of suitable thresholds and (3) application of simple logical principles, i.e. an exclusion principle and an overlapping principle.

Source: Sleep medicine (Amsterdam. Print) 5 (2004): 567–576. doi:10.1016/j.sleep.2004.07.012

Publisher: Elsevier, Amsterdam , Paesi Bassi

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