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Turning a Smartphone Selfie into a Studio Portrait

Capece N., Banterle F., Cignoni P., Ganovelli F., Erra U., Potel M.

computer graphics  Software  Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design 

We introduce a novel algorithm that turns a flash selfie taken with a smartphone into a studio-like photograph with uniform lighting. Our method uses a convolutional neural network trained on a set of pairs of photographs acquired in a controlled environment. For each pair, we have one photograph of a subject's face taken with the camera flash enabled and another one of the same subject in the same pose illuminated using a photographic studio-lighting setup. We show how our method can amend lighting artifacts introduced by a close-up camera flash, such as specular highlights, shadows, and skin shine.

Source: IEEE computer graphics and applications 40 (2020): 140–147. doi:10.1109/MCG.2019.2958274

Publisher: National Computer Graphics Association,, [Los Alamitos, CA] , Stati Uniti d'America

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