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Support for the medical-clinical management of heart failure within elderly population: the HEARTFAID platform

Chiarugi F., Tsiknakis M., Conforti D., Lagani V., Perticone F., Parati G., Kawecka-jaszcz K., Marsh A., Stratakis M., Di Bona S., Fontanelli R., Guerri D., Salvetti O., Gamberger D., Valentini M.

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Chronic heart failure, one of the most remarkable health problems due to its prevalence and morbidity especially in the western world, is characterised by a strong socioeconomic impact. Recent studies demonstrate that accurate heart failure (HF) management programs, based on coordinated inpatient and outpatient clinical procedures, might prevent and reduce hospital admissions, improving clinical outcome and reducing costs.

Source: ITAB 2006, Ioannina Greece, 26-28/10/2006

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