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ENVRIplus - Interoperable data processing services for environmental RI projects: prototype

Candela L., Cirillo R., Coro G., Pagano P., Panichi G.

Environmental Research Infrastructure  data analytics 

This deliverable documents the implementation of the data processing solution defined in D7.1 "Interoperable data processing for environmental RIs projects: system design". The actual deliverable consists of the software realising the envisaged solution and the instances of it made available to the ENVRI community in the large. The distinguishing features of the proposed solution are (a) to be suitable for serving the needs of scientists involved in ENVRI RIs, (b) to be open and extensible both with respect to the algorithms and methods it enables and the computing platforms it relies on to execute those algorithms and methods, (c) to be open-science-friendly, i.e. it is capable of incorporating every algorithm and method integrated into the data processing framework as well as any computation resulting from the exploitation of integrated algorithms into a "research object" catering for citation, reproducibility, repeatability and provenance. The proposed solution is part of a larger software system named gCube and has been provisioned to ENVRI RIs via several Virtual Research Environments operated by D4Science.

Source: Project report, ENVRIplus, Deliverable D7.2, 2018

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