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DOIBoost Dataset Dump

La Bruzzo S., Manghi P., Mannocci A.

Dataset  CrossRef  Microsoft Academic Graph  Unpaywall  Spark aggregation metadata enrichment  ORCID 

Research in information science and scholarly communication strongly relies on the availability of openly accessible datasets of metadata and, where possible, their relative payloads. To this end, CrossRef plays a pivotal role by providing free access to its entire metadata collection, and allowing other initiatives to link and enrich its information. Therefore, a number of key pieces of information result scattered across diverse datasets and resources freely available online. As a result of this fragmentation, researchers in this domain end up struggling with daily integration problems producing a plethora of ad-hoc datasets, therefore incurring in a waste of time, resources, and infringing open science best practices. DOIBoost is a metadata collection that enriches CrossRef with inputs from Microsoft Academic Graph, ORCID, and Unpaywall for the purpose of supporting high-quality and robust research experiments, saving times to researchers and enabling their comparison.

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