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gCube Data Catalogue: gcube-ckan-datacatalog [Release 1.6.0]

Mangiacrapa F., Perciante C.

Virtual Research Environment  Data Catalogue  Ckan  BlueBRIDGE Project  (Meta)Data Discovery  (Meta)Data Publishing 

The gCube Data Catalogue is a software component that provides facilities for: a) (meta)data publishing; b) vres' products publishing; c) making data products publicly available; d) enriching products of metadata to maximise their potential reuse and making them searchable (via title, tags etc) are based on the CKAN technology. The gcube-ckan-datacatalog Web Application allows to (a) show all the metadata available in the CKAN instance, as well as publish a new product, retrieve the list of organizations (i.e. Virtual Research Environments) to which the user belongs and his/her already published products.

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