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PARTHENOS - D6.3 Report on the implementation of the Joint Resource Registry (interim)

Frosini L., Assante M., Dell'Amico A., Lelii L., Candela L., Pagano P.

Heritage E-research Networking 

The D6.3 Report on the implementation of the Joint Resource Registry documents the interim implementation of the Joint Resource Registry (JRR). It complements the D5.2 Report on the design of the Joint Resource Registry deliverable by providing details on how to interact with and exploit the functionalities it provides. The JRR hosts the PARTHENOS entities represented according to the PARTHENOS Entities Model defined in WP5. As such, it represents an information system for the PARTHENOS community and the PARTHENOS universe of tools and services designed for and released in the PARTHENOS infrastructure. This deliverable presents, in Section 2, the principles and guidelines that govern the implementation of the JRR which has been designed to support the persistence of the PARTHENOS Entities. The JRR is implemented as a tailored information system capable of satisfying the evolution of the model itself, the main features of which are described in section 3 since the facet based resource model is extensively referred to throughout this report. Entities, Resources, Facets and Relations are described in detail. Section 4 describes the set of technical components comprising the JRR and APIs, covering the architecture which includes the Resource Registry Service, Context Client, Schema Client, Publisher and Client. Section 5 provides information regarding how to interact with the Resource Registry Service by exploiting the Context and Schema Port Types. The REST APIs are also presented for each functionality. Section 6 covers the backend database, OrientDB, a Multi-Model Open Source NoSQL DBMS that brings together the power of graphs and the flexibility of documents into one scalable high-performance operational database. The final section provides information on the Studio GUI used by the Content Administrator for searching between the created types and inspection of their schema.

Source: Project report, PARTHENOS, Deliverable D6.3, pp.1–53, 2017

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