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OpenAIRE - OpenAIRE back-end and Invenio upgrade: specification and releaseplan

Manghi P., Atzori C., Bardi A., Baglioni M., Nielsen L. H.

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The aim of this document is to explain in detail how the software release plan for upgrading OpenAIRE back-ends and Invenio according to the data model described in D4.1OpenAIREDatamodelextension will be accomplished by the technical partners. For this, it will illustrate the plan of design, development, testing, and integration into beta and production of the infrastructure services to be delivered by T4.1 (OpenAIRE extension to research methods and artifact packages) and T4.2 OpenAIRE's Zenodo for research methodsandartifactpackages).Theplan's technical activities will be supervised and led by CNR and carried out across the technical partners CNR and CERN, in synergy with the partners Jisc, UMinho, UniHB, PIN, CNRS,IRD,ICRE8. The deliverable is on-going and will be updated at M15 (before first BETA release of the service), M23 (beforesecondBETAreleaseoftheservice),andM27 (beforeproductionreleaseoftheservice).The first release of this document reports on extensions to be provided byM8. Toease the update of the planand support the collaborativeapproach, the deliverableis published as a wiki and is available at https://support.d4science.org/projects/openaire-connect-wiki/wiki/D4_2.

Source: Project report, OpenAIRE, Deliverable D4.2, 2017

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