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Parallelising the Mean Value Analysis algorithm

Gennaro C., King P. J. B.

Mean value analysis  Queueing networks  Product form  Pipelined algorithm  Parallel simulation  Concurrent programming  Parallel architectures  Performance 

The Mean Value Analysis (MVA) algorithm is one of the most popular for evaluating the performance of separable (or product form) queueing networks. Although its complexity is modest when jobs are indistinguishable, the introduction of different customer classes rapidly increases its computational cost. The problems of parallelising the algorithm while retaining its conceptual simplicity are examined. In particular, a parallel implementation of MVA on a distributed memory machine is developed using the MPI library for communication.

Source: Transactions of the Society for Computer Simulation 16 (1999): 16–22. doi:10.1177/003754979907200304

Publisher: The Society,, [La Jolla, CA] , Stati Uniti d'America

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