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BlueBRIDGE - BlueBRIDGE VREs operation activity: interim report

Assante M., Candela L., Cirillo R., Dell'Amico A., Pagano P., Perciante C.

Virtual Research Environment  Virtual Laboratory 

Virtual Research Environments and Virtual Laboratories are among the key products the BlueBRIDGE project is called to develop and to deliver to serve its target communities and application scenarios. The deployment and operation of a Virtual Research Environment is a task that involves the reuse of existing technologies as well as the development of new technologies aiming at offering new facilities. The development of the technology, both the generic as well as that which is oriented to serve the specific needs of a given community/target scenario, is captured by other deliverables. This report describes the activities performed to provide the BlueBRIDGE community with the set of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) and Virtual Laboratories (VLabs) hosted by the BlueBRIDGE portal from September 2015 to November 2016. A total of 38 VREs VLabs have been deployed and operated, overall serving more than 1500 users across 22 countries. This requested to deal with approximately 600 tickets (32 tickets for VRE creationupdate, 244 requests for support, 315 requests for incidents and bugs).

Source: Project report, BlueBRIDGE, Deliverable D4.3, 2016

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