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Methods and tools for supporting the integration of stocks and fisheries

Tzitzikas Y., Marketakis Y., Minadakis N., Mountantonakis M., Candela L., Mangiacrapa F., Pagano P., Perciante C., Castelli D., Taconet M., Gentile A., Gorelli G.

Data publication  Fishery  Semantic data integration  Fish stock  Data normalization 

The collation of information for the monitoring of fish stocks and fisheries is a difficult and time-consuming task, as the information is scattered across different databases and is modelled using different formats and semantics. Our purpose is to offer a unified view of the existing stocks and fisheries information harvested from three different database sources (FIRMS, RAM and FishSource), by relying on innovative data integration and manipulation facilities. In this paper, we describe the building blocks in terms of methods and software components that are necessary for integrating stocks and fisheries data from heterogeneous data sources.

Source: Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Agricultural Development, edited by Salampasis M., Bournaris T., pp. 20–34, 2019

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