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OpenAIRE - OpenAIRE publishing APIs: specification and release plan

Manghi P., Bardi A., Baglioni M., Atzori C.

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The aim of this deliverable is to provide the specification of the software and the release plan for the OpenAIRE publishing APIsthat support third-party services at publishingmetadata about interlinked and packaged research productsin to the OpenAIRE Information Graph. The OpenAIRE publishing APIs supports the concept of "continuous publishing" in digital research settings where researchers conduct their activities in digital laboratories using ICT tools and services for processing and analysing research data. By using the OpenAIRE publishing APIs, a service/tool can automatically publish metadata on behalf of the researchers. The service/tool and its underlying infrastructure is responsible for keeping persistent identifiers, preserving the payload of the objects and the metadata.The service pushes metadata into OpenAIRE,the effect being: o the metadata record is immediately visible via the OpenAIRE search portal and APIs; o the metadata record will be cleaned and de-duplicated in a second stage according to the OpenAIRE content provision workflow described at https://www.openaire.eu/aggregation-and-contentprovision-workflows and http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.996006. Researchers benefit from a service that uses the OpenAIRE publishing APIs in several ways: o The service will support the generation of metadata to improve the FAIRness of the relative research products; o Researchers are relieved of the burden of depositing the products they want to publish in a repositoryexternaltotheirdigitallaboratory; o Researchers can choose to publish research products at any step of their research activity. The full specification of the APIs are published as a wiki and available at https://support.d4science.org/projects/openaire-connect-wiki/wiki/D4_5.

Source: Project report, OpenAIRE, Deliverable D4.5, 2017

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