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Representation and Presentation of Culinary Tradition as Cultural Heritage

Partarakis N., Kaplanidi D., Doulgeraki P., Karuzaki E., Petraki A., Metilli D., Bartalesi V., Adami I., Meghini C., Zabulis X.

intangible cultural heritage  culinary tradition  semantic representation  web authoring  cultural heritage  recipes modelling  <b>Keywords</b>: cultural heritage 

This paper presents a knowledge representation framework and provides tools to allow the representation and presentation of the tangible and intangible dimensions of culinary tradition as cultural heritage including the socio-historic context of its evolution. The representation framework adheres to and extends the knowledge representation standards for the Cultural Heritage (CH) domain while providing a widely accessible web-based authoring environment to facilitate the representation activities. In strong collaboration with social sciences and humanities, this work allows the exploitation of ethnographic research outcomes by providing a systematic approach for the representation of culinary tradition in the form of recipes, both in an abstract form for their preservation and in a semantic representation of their execution captured on-site during ethnographic research.

Source: Heritage (Basel) Online 4 (2021): 612–640. doi:10.3390/heritage4020036

Publisher: MDPI AG, Basel, Svizzera

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Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts

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