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The TAU2 polyphonic music terminal. The project, its realisation and role in computer music

Bertini G.

Computer music  Audio terminal 

The development of computer music carrying out at CNUCE and IEI, both CNR Institutes, in collaboration with L. Cherubini Conservatory of Music in Florence by a M° Pietro Grossi initiatives, are described. The ambitious goal was the construction of an audio terminal to interface like any peripheral device to the mainframe IBM 360/67 of the CNUCE, to allow the electronic production of sounds and the execution of polyphonic and polytimbric music in real time using the program TAUMUS. In the first part of the paper something about the experiments developed to use the new "electronic instrumentation"in music are introduced, citing also the state of the art and the problems encountered using the systems at the time. In the following, detailed solution adopted for TAU2 design and realization are described, in order to generate sounds by additive synthesis, avoiding performance in differed time (off-line). The definition and choice of how to use the system, the production of the pieces, interactions with the musicians, teaching and demonstrations with TAU2-TAUMUS, have combined to create an original musical environment that contributed notably to the development of musical informatics in Italy.

Source: Musica tecnologia (Testo stamp.) 1 (2007): 339–366.

Publisher: Firenze University Press, Firenze , Italia

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