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Data Science: a game changer for science and innovation

Grossi V., Giannotti F., Pedreschi D., Manghi P., Pagano P., Assante M.

Social mining  Responsible data science  Research infrastructure 

This paper shows data science's potential for disruptive innovation in science, industry, policy, and people's lives. We present how data science impacts science and society at large in the coming years, including ethical problems in managing human behavior data and considering the quantitative expectations of data science economic impact. We introduce concepts such as open science and e-infrastructure as useful tools for supporting ethical data science and training new generations of data scientists. Finally, this work outlines SoBigData Research Infrastructure as an easy-to-access platform for executing complex data science processes. The services proposed by SoBigData are aimed at using data science to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally interconnected society.

Source: International Journal of Data Science and Analytics (Print) 11 (2021): 263–278. doi:10.1007/s41060-020-00240-2

Publisher: Springer

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