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ARIADNEPlus - VREs operation mid-term activity report

Assante M., Cirillo R., Dell'Amico A., Pagano P., Candela L., Frosini L., Lelii L., Mangiacrapa F., Panichi G., Sinibaldi F.

Virtual Research Environment  Activity Report 

This deliverable D13.2 - "VREs Operation Mid-term Activity Report" describes the activities carried out during the first 24 months of the ARIADNEplus project within Work Package 13. Specifically, in Task 13.1 Infrastructure Operation (JRA2.1) and Task 13.3 VREs Operation (JRA2.3). It reports the procedures governing the operation of the VREs as well as the status of the aggregated resources at mid-term in the ARIADNEplus infrastructure.

Source: Project report, ARIADNEplus, D13.2, 2021

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