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Mobility data mining: from technical to ethical (Dagstuhl Seminar 22022)

Berendt B., Matwin S., Renso C., Meissner F., Pratesi F., Raffaeta A., Rockwell G.

Computing methodologies → Artificial intelligence  Ethics  Security and privacy → Human and societal aspects of security and privacy  Security and privacy → Database and storage security  Mobility Data Mining: from Technical to Ethical  Social and professional topics → Computing / technology policy  Dagstuhl Report  Mobility data  Human-centered computing → Interaction design  Computing methodologies → Machine learning  Security and privacy → Software and application security 

This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 22022 "Mobility Data Analysis: from Technical to Ethical" that took place fully remote and hosted by Schloss Dagstuhl from 10-12 January 2022. An interdisciplinary team of 23 researchers from Europe, the Americas and Asia in the fields of computer science, ethics and mobility analysis discussed interactions between their topics and fields to bridge the gap between the more technical aspects to the ethics with the objective of laying the foundations of a new Mobility Data Ethics research field.

Source: ISTI Research report, pp.35–66, 2022


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