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A representation protocol for traditional crafts

Zabulis X., Partarakis N., Meghini C., Dubois A., Manitsaris S., Hauser H., Thalmann N. M., Ringas C., Panesse L., Cadi N., Baka E., Beisswenger C., Makrygiannis D., Glushkova A., Padilla B. E. O., Kaplanidi D., Tasiopoulou E., Cuenca C., Carre A. -L., Nitti V., Adami I., Zidianakis E., Doulgeraki P., Karouzaki E., Bartalesi V., Metilli D.

Materials Science (miscellaneous)  Archeology  craft preservation  Formal narrative  digitization  documentation  Conservation  digital curation  Protocol  Heritage craft  cultural heritage 

A protocol for the representation of traditional crafts and the tools to implement this are proposed. The proposed protocol is a method for the systematic collection and organization of digital assets and knowledge, their representation into a formal model, and their utilization for research, education, and preservation. A set of digital tools accompanies this protocol that enables the online curation of craft representations. The proposed approach was elaborated and evaluated with craft practitioners in three case studies. Lessons learned are shared and an outlook for future work is provided.

Source: Heritage (Basel) Online 5 (2022): 716–741. doi:10.3390/heritage5020040

Publisher: MDPI AG, Basel, Svizzera


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Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts