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HDN Annotation Tool

Bartalesi Lenzi V., Pratelli N., Metilli D., Meghini C.

Annotation tool  Ontology population tool  HDN annotation tool 

To facilitate the process of populating the ontology developed within the Hypermedia Dante Network (HDN) project (PRIN 2020-2023), we implemented a semi-automatic tool called HDN Annotation Tool. The tool supports scholars to build a knowledge base of the primary sources of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. The tool was developed using a Python backend with the Django framework, and a frontend built with HTML5, JavaScript, and the Bootstrap library. It takes as input the JSON file, where the knowledge automatically extracted from the corpus of the Dartmouth Dante Project (DDP) is stored and shows the relevant information in the corresponding fields of the tool interface. After analyzing the commentaries of the DDP, scholars use the interface of the tool to insert knowledge about primary sources. The tool is accessible through the HDN-Lab, which is the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) of the project, hosted on the D4Science infrastructure.

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