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EOSC Pillar - D.5.2 FAIR Research Data Management Workbench Operation Report

Candela L., Cazenave N., Frosini L., Le Fran Y., Mangiacrapa F.

FAIR  Data Catalogue  Metadata Repository 

EOSC-Pillar is developing and integrating a set of tools and services overall supporting the construction and maintenance of an aggregated data space implementing the FAIR principles. This deliverable documents the activities and results (e.g., indicators on integrated data providers, and datasets, indicators on datasets accesses) of the operation of the EOSC-Pillar toolset enacting the development of the EOSC-Pillar data space. This first release of this typology of deliverable gives early indicators about the exploitation of the proposed services. The data space will be actually developed in the second period of the project.

Source: Project report, EOSC-Pillar, D5.2, 2021

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