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SoBigData_training activities-planning material and reports 2

Wright J., Braghieri M., Rapisarda B.

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Deliverable D4.3 provides an overview of training activities that have taken place from M36 to M52. It also includes a full overview of the training materials integration within the SoBigData Research Infrastructure. This final deliverable aims to provide a more detailed look into the various activities that have taken place since September 2018 and in particular to provide comprehensive reports on the events that have addressed gender and diversity issues. The whole project has sought to encourage more females into Computer Science and has therefore tailored some events to appeal to females in particular. SoBigData has also provided travel grants to assist female scientists in attending international events. With regards to the training materials, we have sought to make these a more effective resource by concentrating on four areas of improvement: Content Harmonization, Muti-Channel Content, Interactivity and Audience Targeting. These enhancements to the SoBigData Research Infrastructure will be covered in detail in Section 4. Discussions are also taking place with regards to the possibility of webinars, tutorials and video lectures to provide more options for the user as well as developing online assessment and exercises. The possibility of more targeted training paths is also being explored to provide a more tailored content for the user - whether they be a student, professional or the general public; the objective being to promote the dissemination of SoBigData training materials as widely as possible.

Source: Project report, SoBigData, Deliverable D4.3, 2020

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