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An interactive musical exhibit based on infrared sensor

Bertini G., Magrini M., Tarabella L.

H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing  Human computer interfaces 

This paper deals with the description of the design of an exhibit for controlling real-time audio synthesis with a wireless, IR-based interface. Researching new way for playing and real-time controlling electronic music is today's hot topic in the computer music field. In this specific project the goal is to obtain an enjoyable exhibit playability together with robustness and reliability, in order to constantly operate with young users (children too) and, more in general, non expert people. Our effort has been focused to carefully design the hardware/software project, in a way that the final user will interact only with non critical parts of the system.

Source: Lecture notes in computer science 3902 (2006): 92–100.

Publisher: Springer, Berlin , Germania

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