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A primer on open science-driven repository platforms

Bardi A., Manghi P., Mannocci A., Ottonello E., Pavone G.

Repository  Repository platforms  Repository software  Dryad  Dataverse  DSpace  InvenioRDM  Open Science  FAIR  Research Data 

Following Open Science mandates, institutions and communities increasingly demand repositories with native support for publishing scientific literature together with research data, software, and other research products. Such repositories may be thematic or general-purpose and are deeply integrated with the scholarly communication ecosystem to ensure versioning, persistent identifiers, data curation, usage stats, and so on. Identifying the most suitable off-the-shelf repository platform is often a non-trivial task as the choice depends on functional requirements, programming and technical skills, and infrastructure resources. This work analyses four state-of-the-art Open Source repository platforms, namely Dryad, Dataverse, DSpace, and InvenioRDM, from both a functional and a software perspective. This work intends to provide an overview serving as a primer for choosing repository platform solutions in different application scenarios. Moreover, this paper highlights how these platforms reacted to some key Open Science demands, moving away from the original and old-fashioned concept of a repository serving as a static container of files and metadata.

Source: Metadata and Semantic Research, edited by Garoufallou E., Vlachidis A., pp. 222–234, 2023


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