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ImageJ for XTF -- Open source software for processing XTF files

Magni M., Lunghi G., Moroni D., Tampucci M., Salvetti O.

Acoustic imaging  Sonar  XTF  ImageJ 

This project was born from a stage at the "Signals and Images Lab (si.isti.cnr.it), Institute of Information Science and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy" attended by the first two authors. ImageJforXTF extends the open source ImageJ software with functionalities that allow to open and manage XTF files. This kind of files is used to record sonar and bathymetric data. An user can choose to open any file with extension ".xtf" so that the program parses it and shows the resulting image. Then the user can resize the image, apply graphic filters, perform measurements and georeference the recorded data using GoogleMap and GoogleEarth, in addition to using the basic functionality offered by ImageJ.

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