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iMarine - iMarine Data Management Software

Coro G., Lelii L., Manzi A., Drakopoulos N., Marioli V., Cirillo R., Simeoni F., Antoniadis A., Brito F., Caumont H.

Data Transfer  Data Storage  Data Harmonization  Data Access  H.3.7 Digital Libraries 

The iMarine Data Management Software comprises a number of components and subsystems offering facilities for accessing, transferring and harmonising a rich array of data typologies. This document describes the novelties within the iMarine Data Management Software from M12 (Oct.'12) to M27 (Jan.'14). It complements D9.2 [10] which describes iMarine Data Management Software up to M11 (Sept.'12). This deliverable is intended for documentation purposes only. The actual deliverable is represented by the software artifacts and their accompanying documentation.

Source: Project report, iMarine, Deliverable D9.3, 2014

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