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Trends in smartphone-based indoor localisation

Potortì F., Crivello A., Palumbo F., Girolami M., Barsocchi P.

Indoor localisation  Indoor navigation  Localisation competition  Smartphone-based localisation 

Indoor localisation is a thriving field, whose progresses are mainly led by innovations in sensor technology, both hardware and software. With a focus on smartphone-based personal navigation, we examine the evolution of sensing technologies in eleven leading applications. In order to select applications we choose among independently-tested prototypes, as opposed to simulation or laboratory-only experiments. To this end, we look at the best performers in the smartphone-based Tracks of IPIN competitions. This selection is particularly severe and significant, as this competition Track is performed live, without an opportunity for competitors to instrument or prepare the site or to know the path in advance and with only two attempts allowed, of which the best result is taken. An independent actor holds in hand the smartphone running the competing system, and results are downloaded from the phone immediately after the competition path is completed, without any post-processing. We show how sensing technologies have evolved from 2014 to 2019 and show a trend towards improving accuracy performance. Last, we provide insight in the role that sensors and algorithms play in the evolution of smartphone-based indoor localisation solutions.

Source: IPIN 2021 - International conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, Lloret de Mar, 29/11/2021-02/12/2021

Publisher: IEEE, New York, USA

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