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NESTORE - Definition of the indicators and metrics

Palumbo F., Crivello A., Mavilia F., Girolami M., Furfari F., Porcelli S., Manferdelli G., Mastropietro A., Rizzo G., Orte S., Subías P., Boquè N., Perego P., Mauri M., Röcke C., Guye S.

Indicators  Metrics  Decision Support System  Physiological Indicators  Nutritional Indicators  Cognitive and Mental Status and Social Behaviour Indicators 

This report contains the description of the metrics and indicators used by the Decision Support System (DSS) for recommending and stimulating the user during the use of the NESTORE coaching system used to make healthier lifestyle choices. This document collects the outcomes of Task 4.1 - Algorithms for Short-term post-processing and extraction of indicators, whose objective is to extract knowledge from data streams generated by the NESTORE sensors and software applications. This kind of data is continuously mined to extract indicators about the NESTORE target domains identified in the WP2 activities, namely physiological, nutritional, cognitive and mental status and social behaviour of the user.

Source: Project report, NESTORE, Deliverable D4.1, 2019

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