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Authoring pervasive multimodal user interfaces

Paternò F., Santoro C., Mäntyjärvi J., Mori G., Sansone S.

Multimodal interfaces  Pervasive environments  Model-based design of interactive applications 

In this paper, we present an environment for authoring pervasive multimodal user interfaces. It is composed of a set of XML-based languages, transformations among such languages, and an authoring tool. It provides designers with the possibility of designing interfaces for a wide set of platforms, which support various modalities. We describe how the environment has deeply changed from the initial mono-modal, web-oriented environment and provide example applications for a number of platforms.

Source: International journal of Web engineering and technology (Online) 4 (2008): 235–261. doi:10.1504/IJWET.2008.018099

Publisher: Inderscience Enterprises., Olney, Regno Unito

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