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SoBigData - D10.7 - SoBigData e-infrastructure and VRE release

Assante M., Candela L., Cirillo R., Frosini L., Lelii L., Mangiacrapa F., Pagano P.

Virtual Access  Virtual Research Environment  Research Infrastructure  Transnational Access  TNA  VRE 

This deliverable describes the software that has been deployed to serve the needs of the SoBigData community, by delivering the platform and the VREs planned in "D10.4 SoBigData e-Infrastructure release plan 3". In particular, it reports on how such software has been exploited to make available the envisaged components, i.e. the SoBigData portal (and the underlying Virtual Organisation), the SoBigData Catalogue and the SoBigData Virtual Research Environments, together with the list and pointers to the software packages produced by the project and implementing such components, whose operation today constitutes the SoBigData e-infrastructure accessible from http://sobigdata.d4science.org.

Source: Project report, SoBigData, Deliverable D10.7, pp.1–28, 2019

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