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ENGAGED - Roadmap templates to support the cluster members in the assembly of raw roadmaps

Braun A., Chessa S., Fullaondo Zabala A.

Ambient Assisted Living  Community building  Active & Healthy Ageing  J.0 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS. General  J.3 LIFE AND MEDICAL SCIENCES - Health 

The deliverable D4.1 - Roadmap templates to support the cluster members in the assembly of raw roadmaps is the first deliverable of WP4. The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure and provide supporting documents that will be used in creating the ENGAGED roadmaps as final results of the work package. The document first gives an overview of the rationale in deciding on the structure of the ENGAGED roadmap, using best practices by third party sources. In the following the roadmap template is described in detail. The next part summarises the Action Plans of the different Action Groups within EIP AHA. The input of those to the ENGAGED roadmap is discussed in detail and potential topics for the ENGAGED workshops are suggested. The next part of the document outlines templates for both workshop agenda and minutes that are specifically tailored to simplify the collection of the inputs relevant to the future roadmaps. Help is provided to the minute takers on filling out the templates, by giving detailed examples on all relevant parts and sections. The document concludes with a résumé and two annexes providing two blank templates for structural roadmap and workshop summary, respectively.

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