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Catalogue of E-RIHS resources and services

Meghini C., Benassi L., Galeotti M., Bartalesi V., Concordia C., Castillejo M., Calvo C., Andreassi E., Striova J.

catalogue of service  E-RIHS 

The Deliverable 8.1 describes the work carried in Task 8.3 "Catalogue of E-RIHS resources and services". With the term resource we intend any entity that may be of interest to a Infrastructure such as the one that the E-RIHS PP project is setting up, i.e. mainly datasets and services, but also people, organizations, instruments, and other entities. The catalogue aims at providing researchers with information related to Heritage Science resources available within E-RIHS through a formal model that helps categorising them according to their different features. Such features will also be used for discovering the resources in the Catalogue. The catalogue structure was designed to serve as the basis for accounting in-kind contributions and, in perspective, to be a single access point for resource discovery and access services.

Source: Research report, E-RIHS PP, 739503, 2020

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The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase