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2021 Dataset Unknown

OpenAIRE research graph: dumps for research communities and initiatives
Manghi P., Atzori C., Bardi A., Baglioni M., Schirrwagen J., Dimitropoulos H., La Bruzzo S., Foufoulas I., Lohden A., Backer A., Mannocci A., Horst M., Czerniak A., Kiatropoulou K., Kokogiannaki A., De Bonis M., Artini M., Ottonello E., Lempesis A., Ioannidis A., Summan F.
This dataset contains dumps of the OpenAIRE Research Graph containing metadata records relevant for the research communities and initiatives collaborating with OpenAIRE. Each dataset is a tar file containing gzip files with one json per line. Each json is compliant to the schema available at DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3974226DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3974604
Project(s): RISIS 2 via OpenAIRE, BE OPEN via OpenAIRE, OpenAIRE-Advance via OpenAIRE

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2021 Dataset Unknown

OpenAIRE Covid-19 publications, datasets, software and projects metadata
Bardi A., Kuchma I., Pavone G., Artini M., Atzori C., Backer A., Baglioni M., Czerniak A., De Bonis M., Dimitropoulos H., Foufoulas I., Horst M., Iatropoulou K., Jacewicz P., Kokogiannaki A., La Bruzzo S., Lazzeri E., Lohden A., Manghi P., Mannocci A., Manola N., Ottonello E., Schirrwagen J.
This dump provides access to the metadata records of publications, research data, software and projects that may be relevant to the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) fight. The dump contains records of the OpenAIRE COVID-19 Gateway (https://covid-19.openaire.eu/), identified via full-text mining and inference techniques applied to the OpenAIRE Research Graph (https://explore.openaire.eu/). The Graph is one of the largest Open Access collections of metadata records and links between publications, datasets, software, projects, funders, and organizations, aggregating 12,000+ scientific data sources world-wide, among which the Covid-19 data sources Zenodo COVID-19 Community, WHO (World Health Organization), BIP! FInder for COVID-19, Protein Data Bank, Dimensions, scienceOpen, and RSNA. The dump consists of a gzip file containing one json per line. Each json is compliant to the schema available at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3974226DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3980490
Project(s): OpenAIRE-Advance via OpenAIRE

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2019 Report Open Access OPEN

The OpenAIRE research graph: third-party publishing APIs
Atzori C., Baglioni M., Bardi A., Manghi P., La Bruzzo S., De Bonis M., Dell'Amico A., Artini M., Mannocci A., Ottonello E.
This work describes the specification of the OpenAIRE publishing APIs that support third-party services at publishing metadata about interlinked and packaged research products into the OpenAIRE Research Graph, in respect of the OpenAIRE interoperability guidelines (https://guidelines.openaire.eu). Research products generated by researchers using services of research infrastructures are today manually published by researchers in a repository external to their research infrastructure. This phase is often considered an extra burden, because researchers have to fill in metadata forms with information that is already available in the scope of the services they used. By using the OpenAIRE publishing APIs, services of research infrastructures can implement an on-demand publishing workflow for any type of research products to support their researchers at improving the FAIRness of their research products and relief them from the tedious step of finding a suitable repository and manually depositing the products in it.Source: ISTI Technical reports, 2019

See at: ISTI Repository Open Access | CNR ExploRA Open Access

2019 Dataset Unknown

OpenAIRE Research Graph Dump
Manghi P., Atzori C., Bardi A., Schirrwagen J., Dimitropoulos H., La Bruzzo S., Foufoulas I., Loehden A., Baecker A., Mannocci A., Horst M., Baglioni M., Czerniak A., Kiatropoulou K., Kokogiannaki A., De Bonis M., Artini M., Ottonello E., Lempesis A., Nielsen L. H., Ioannidis A., Bigarella C., Summan F.
The OpenAIRE Research Graph is one of the largest open scholarly record collections worldwide, key in fostering Open Science and establishing its practices in the daily research activities. Conceived as a public and transparent good, populated out of data sources trusted by scientists, the Graph aims at bringing discovery, monitoring, and assessment of science back in the hands of the scientific community. Imagine a vast collection of research products all linked together, contextualised and openly available. For the past ten years OpenAIRE has been working to gather this valuable record. OpenAIRE is pleased to announce the beta release of its Research Graph, a massive collection of metadata and links between scientific products such as articles, datasets, software, and other research products, entities like organisations, funders, funding streams, projects, communities, and data sources. As of today, the OpenAIRE Research Graph aggregates around 450Mi metadata records with links collecting from 10,000 data sources trusted by scientists, including repositories registered in OpenDOAR, Open Access journals registered in DOAJ, Crossref, Unpaywall, ORCID and Microsoft Academic Graph. After cleaning, deduplication, and fine-grained classification processes, they narrow down to ~100Mi publications, ~8Mi datasets, ~200K software research products, 8Mi other products linked together with semantic relations. More than 10Mi full-texts of Open Access publications are mined by algorithms to enrich metadata records with additional properties and links among research products, funders, projects, communities, and organizations. Thanks to the mining algorithm, the graph is completed with 480Mi semantic relations. The OpenAIRE Research graph is available via our BETA Explore Portal and you can download it from Zenodo.DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3516918
Project(s): OpenAIRE-Advance via OpenAIRE

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