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2011 Report Open Access OPEN
Un prototipo per l'ottimizzazione dei consumi energetici
Miori Vittorio, Russo Dario, Pallonetto Fabiano
The work has the objective to realize a software able to analyze and to optimize energy consumption in a residential environment. The project was developed at the "Institute of Science and Technologies of Information" of the National Research Council of Italy, by the "Domotics Lab" in Pisa. In the recent years, it is growing at high rates the creation of energy installations that exploit the renewable energy sources connected in parallel and equiped with the exchange mechanism in place. For this reasons, our laboratory has created a software able to optimize the use of energy through the activation of programmable electrical load switches when the system detects the maximum energy production coming from the renewable sources. The prototype was made considering a residential photovoltaic system. It is also able to control the irradiation of the energy production devices through a special sensor, and then, to monitor the efficiency of the installation. In order to monitor the effectiveness of the devices and to expand the optimization functions at the home automation system, this software is able to interface itself to the Konnex bus through a PLC device. The information in the domotic bus may serve to Konnex devices to activate successive loads in case of overproduction of energy. In addition to these functions, it was implemented, through the use of "Calimero" Java libraries, a listener for reading messages from the Konnex bus and to store them in a relational database. Through a web application, developed in this research work and programmed in jsp, it is also possible to monitor the effectiveness of the system and the percentage of energy saving thus obtained.Source: ISTI Technical reports, 2011

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