Working group on open access

The "ISTI Open Access" Working Group is composed of the ISTI Director, one manager, two referents of the Library Service staff, three referents for the ISTI Open Portal service, one referent for each thematic area and one referent for OpenAIRE.


  • Leonardo Candela

Referents for the ISTI Open Portal

  • Michele Artini
  • Paolo Manghi
  • Gianluca Trentanni

Referents for ISTI Thematic areas

  • Maurice Henry ter Beek (FMT, SEDC, SSE)
  • Leonardo Candela (HIIS, KDD, NeMIS)
  • Sara Colantonio (SI, VC)
  • Patrizio Dazzi (HPC)
  • Loredana Pillitteri (WN)
  • Leonardo Robol (MMS, SFD)

Referents for Library

  • Silvia Giannini
  • Anna Molino

Referent for OpenAIRE

  • Emma Lazzeri