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DESIRA - D3.3 Use cases report

Bacco F. M., Ferrari A., Mannari C.

Use case  Digitalisation  Living lab  Agriculture  Rural areas  Forestry  Socio-cyber-physical system  Co-design  Drivers  Barriers  Impacts 

In DESIRA, five Living Labs were selected to carry out use case workshops. The objective was to codesign a digital tool in each different context. To do so, the participants agreed on one or more goals to be reached. Building on both the focal question and the scenario question that each Living Lab has developed in previous activities, a use case statement has been co-developed to carry out use case workshops. The use case statement describes the goal(s) of the tool to be co-designed, the involved actors, and the needed ICT components. The used methodology is described in this report, as well as the outputs of the process. The methodology has been adapted to the concept of socio-cyber-physical system that DESIRA developed, opening discussions on impacts, drivers, and barriers as further step in the process, following the high-level design of the digital tool and of its main functionalities. Each Living Lab identified what the participants deemed as needed in their region in terms of a novel digital tool. The presence of various stakeholders in Living Labs has made it easier to consider a wide range of needs since the very beginning, allowing everyone to have a role when it comes to the use of the co-designed digital tool. Such a mechanism, not embedded in the typical use case methodology - which only clarifies the role of those considered as users by ICT designers - has been further strengthened in the workshops, therefore going beyond the traditional approach. In fact, by fostering discussions on impacts, drivers, and barriers, the proposed methodology has allowed the participants to reflect, early on in the process, on the potential impacts of the introduction of digital technologies. Last but not least, it is worth pointing out that the outputs of the use cases, summarised in this document, provide a valuable starting point for software companies willing to design and develop digital tools not only according to users' needs and desires but also tailored to the different rural contexts herein under consideration.

Source: ISTI Project Report, DESIRA, D3.3, pp.1–175, 2022

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Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas