The Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI), an institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), supports the principle of open access to its research outputs.

The Institute's preferred route to open access is self-archiving in the institutional repository People (see ISTI Open Access Policy).

The ISTI Open Portal collects and makes visible the scientific production of the Institute. ISTI was constituted in September 2000 as a result of a merger between the Istituto CNUCE (CNUCE-CNR) and the Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Informazione (IEI-CNR). Thus, besides the entire scientific production of ISTI, ISTI Open Portal aims at exposing the scientific production of IEI-CNR and CNUCE-CNR as well. The collection and curation of the contents pertaining to IEI-CNR and CNUCE-CNR is ongoing.

ISTI Open Portal:

  • gathers its contents from the CNR Information System (namely, from the People archive;
  • enriches and interlinks the gathered material with additional information and contents by relying on scholarly communication services and resources (e.g. the OpenAIRE Research Graph, ScholeXplorer, Altmetric);
  • presents the ISTI scientific production thus to facilitate search, browse and access.
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Working group on Open Access

ISTI Open Portal is one of the major outcomes of the "ISTI Open Access" Working Group. This working group is composed of the ISTI Director, one manager, two referents of the Library Service staff, three referents for the ISTI Open Portal service, one referent for each thematic area and one referent for OpenAIRE.


Referents for the ISTI Open Portal

Referents for ISTI Thematic Areas:

Referents for Library

Referent for OpenAIRE

Former members: Loredana Pillitteri (WN)