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SoBigData - VRE specification and software 1

Assante M., Candela L., Frosini L., Lelii L., Mangiacrapa F., Pagano P.

Virtual Research Environment  Resource Catalogue 

This deliverable complements "D10.5 SoBigData e-Infrastructure software release 1" by describing how such a software has been deployed to serve the current needs of the SoBigData community. In particular, it describes how such a software has been exploited to make available the components envisaged in "D10.2 SoBigData e-Infrastructure release plan 1", i.e. the SoBigData portal (and the underlying Virtual Organisation), the SoBigData Catalogue, and the SoBigData Virtual Research Environments.

Source: Project repojrt, SoBigData, Deliverable D10.12, 2016

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