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D10.2 BlueBRIDGE Resources Federation Facilities : Revised Version

Candela L., Coro G., Fabriani P., Frosini L., Galante N. A., Giammatteo G., Pavia D., Kakaletris G., Lelii L., Simi M., Sinibaldi F., Koltsida P.

gCube system  Enabling services  Computing infrastructures  Cloud  Data infrastructures  Accounting  Monitoring  External infrastructures 

Deliverable D10.2 - "BlueBRIDGE Resources Federation Facilities: Revised Version" reports the release of the BlueBRIDGE facilities for integration of resources from external infrastructures and management of integrated resources. It is structured as follows: a description for each facility is available on this document in conjunction witha list of the main features, information about the design and architecture of it, a number of use cases and finally how it can be deployed. In case more information is needed or a more detailed documentation is available, URLs to the project 's wiki are provided. The set of the available facilities are split in three main categories: (a) facilities for integrating computing infrastructure resources, aiming on exploiting the computational power offered by external infrastructures in order to execute CPU intensive jobs, (b) facilities for integrating data infrastructure resources, where a number of components have been developed in order to integrate data from different data infrastructures to in the Virtual Research Environments (VREs), including biodiversity, geospatial and generic OAI-PMH repositories and (c) facilities for federated resources management, for effectively and efficiently managing the federated resources made available thanks to bridges developed in the previous categories. The sections that follow provide the description and the details for each distinct facility, aiming on offering a complete guide to the intended readers. The intended readers of this deliverable are (a) the community in the large willing to be informed on the solutions BlueBRIDGE offers for federated resources management, (b) the gCube developer community to know how to integrate, use and build on top of the facilities described by the document, and (c) the gCube administrators to know how to setup, configure and manage the integration of a gCube infrastructure with external resources.

Source: Project report, BlueBRIDGE, Deliverable D10.2, pp.1–54, 2018

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