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A categorization scheme for software engineering conference papers and its application

Bertolino A., Calabrò A., Lonetti F., Marchetti E., Miranda B.

Research problem  Validation  Paper type  Paper categorization  Conference  Research contribution 

Background In Software Engineering (SE), conference publications have high importance both in effective communication and in academic careers. Researchers actively discuss how a paper should be organized to be accepted in mainstream conferences. Aiming This work tackles the problem of generalizing and characterizing the type of papers accepted at SE conferences. Method The paper offers a new perspective in the analysis of SE literature: a categorization scheme for SE papers is obtained by merging, extending and revising related proposals from a few existing studies. The categorization scheme is used to classify the papers accepted at three top-tier SE conferences during five years (2012-2016). Results While a broader experience is certainly needed for validation and fine-tuning, preliminary outcomes can be observed relative to what problems and topics are addressed, what types of contributions are presented and how they are validated. Conclusions The results provide insights to paper writers, paper reviewers and conference organizers in focusing their future efforts, without any intent to provide judgments or authoritative guidelines.

Source: The Journal of systems and software 137 (2018): 114–129. doi:10.1016/j.jss.2017.11.048

Publisher: Elsevier North Holland], [New York,, Stati Uniti d'America

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