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A Web-based resource discovery facility for a Geo-Data Server

Galligani A., Salvetti O.

Geo-data server  metadata standards  Geo-spatial meta-data  General Earth and Planetary Sciences 

This article deals with the design of a resource discovery system, based on a Web interface, for searching and downloading data stored in a Geo-Data Server. The main features of the Geo-Data Server are the design of a cartographic and image database, following international standards, a relational catalogue, containing meta-information on the archived data, and a high-level interface to access the system. The Geo-Data Server implements a distributed system where data are appropriately organised for remote consultation.

Source: Electronic geosciences 7 (2002): 1–10. doi:10.1007/s10069-002-0003-5

Publisher: Springer, Berlin , Germania


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