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A taxonomy of tools and approaches for FAIRification

Mangione D., Candela L., Castelli D.

FAIR  Survey and overview  Systematic literature review 

The FAIR principles have drawn a lot of attention since their publication in 2016. A broad range of stakeholders is confronting the implementation of these guiding principles in diverse contexts.This paper identifies and discusses the tools and approaches emerging from stakeholders' experiences adopting the FAIR principles in practice. In particular, 225 open access grey literature papers (namely, deliverables, milestones and data management plans) on FAIRification have been scrutinised to infer tools and approaches in use. The wealth of emerging tools (477) has been carefully analysed and organised into a comprehensive map highlighting the significant classes of instruments supporting FAIRification. A critical discussion on this collection of tools and approaches and the FAIRification completes the paper.

Source: IRCDL 2022 - 18th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, Padova, Italy, 24-25/02/2022

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