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SDG14.4.1 VRE exploitation report - 2022 V 1.0

Pagano P., Assante M., Dell'Amico A., Piccioli T.

Virtual Research Environment  Data Assessment  Data Analytics 

The SDG 14.4.1 e-training environment enables the conduct of training workshops with hands-on interactive facilities to learn how to use stock assessment data limited methods/algorithms. The operational training environment is also continuously available for trainees using the on-line SDG14.4.1 ·e-learning course. During the workshops requested by FAO, as per requirements described in the SLA, a maximum of 25 participants each by providing the necessary online resources and immediate technical support from at least one week before the start until one week after a workshop. This document reports on usage and consumption of resources. It encompasses usage both during workshops, between and after workshops. The document is accompanied by a Dashboard that can be used to analyse the exploitation of the VRE from its inception to the day before the access date.

Source: ISTI Project report, SDG14.4.1, 2022

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